On my Functional Days of Eating to rest my digestive system after Social Feasting and to help me lose weight I rely on Fill Me Up to make things Natural, Easy, and Tasty. The savoury green Superfood soup (think Miso with stock flavour and a hint of fresh garlic, ginger and garden green pea) is Super Quick and Super Nourishing. It gives me the grounded feeling I need to get through the afternoon and into the evening. I will eat it with a few zucchini slices, with avocado, thin sliced cheese, hommus or smoked salmon and gluten free crackers. Think salad that is red and green! No time for me to prepare anything else.

I do also find for me as a working mum it suits me to skip lunch at work to keep my focus and instead take the time after school pick up at 3:30pm to eat and drink quickly before we go out to play.

This protocol I follow Fills Me UP, keeps me easily Disciplined (and I am a food lover and feaster just ask my friends and family!) to Avoid Carbohydrates and Meat Proteins for Fast Effective Results.