For best results to lose weight fast and have a mini detox that doesn’t Put You under Too Much Pressure I have Fill Me Up for lunch and/or dinner as a hot soup. It is traditional in Asia to eat broth with dinner, it helps with digestion. I also find that the Bone Broth and Spirulina prevents me from wanting to have a glass of wine with dinner which is highly beneficial on my Functional Eating Days.

I have a large serve of red, green and yellow coloured salad or Green Vegetables with my favourite cheeses melted through and mixed seeds. Sometimes I add Eggs or Nuts, and a couple of Gluten free crackers with a hint of traditional Butter or Nut Butter. And I have Fill Me Up as soup for dinner.

I generally find I only have it once a day for late lunch or with dinner but feel free to have it at both times if you like.  You can also mix Fill Me Up into your vegetables or with a salad dressing if you like.

And voila! It’s delicious, so simple to prepare, make you feel amazing and gives you all the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Follow this Daily Protocol of breakfast, lunch and dinner 3-5 times a week and you will start to see Results. Also its best to finish dinner by 6:00pm at the latest if you can, then just drink herbal teas and look forward to Breakfast!