Morning is a time for getting ourselves awake and energised to perform the day at our best and boosting our immune system with Vitamin C and Antioxidants. Berry Licious and Passionfruit Delight give you a choice of flavours to get you up and moving with high amounts of Vitamin B,C and Antioxidants to energise, provide natural super concentrated nourishment and to enhance feelings of well-being.

Schisandra, Maca and Siberian Ginseng also work to regulate mental stress and provide stamina and endurance to breeze through your busy day. Balancing your hormones leave you feeling light and happy.

Before work, yoga or a jog on the beautiful oceanic coast of Western Australia I take 1-2 heaped teaspoons sprinkled on coconut flakes, nuts, seeds and dark raw chocolate. Or over fresh fruit but red and green fruits only.

This is enough of a gentle libido enhancer to make me feel alive and divine during my busy day. But watch out if you the chance to hit the bedroom with your love as I definitely notice the difference and so does he!!

My Motto is that Everyone Deserves the Right to Feel Naturally Sexy. Just don’t take after 4:00pm unless you want to stay up LATE!

And on those days we don’t want to take the Maca, Schisandra and Ginseng I go the plain Berry Licious or Passionfruit Delight. My kids can have this too on their cereal or yogurt.